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Future Plans:

Service the Community at a competitive rate

Zynski's would like to be one of Australia's fastest growing web service provider's because we focus on delivering "best value" services. We will also be supplying cheaper Domain names shortly from $20 PA

We also endeavour to uphold our future and yours by the adhering to the following;


Our Benefits:

Service the Community at a competitive rate

Our range of Australian Business Hosting plans deliver affordable solutions
   with the speed, reliability and features you would expect from a "premium"
   web hosting service.
Our Hosting plans are ideal for all Australian based small
   businesses and private individuals.
Technology at its best.
Fully managed Servers & service - because your time
   matters to us.
First class business support - customer service second to none.
Efficient response - we get things done.
Friendly and helpful advice - Aussie based help desk.
Cheap Domain Names.

Our Success:

Service the Community at a competitive rate

When we started operating back in 1995, Omega was pleased to inform you that we were manufacturing, water filtration systems (Omega Water Systems) to include our Australian designed and built Silver Sanitising Technology for applications in the Domestic, Medical, Dental, Commercial & Industrial market sectors.

Omega had completed trials on Dental Unit Water Lines, with outstanding results, our model system, Australian in design and Australian made, have a number of systems installed in Hospitals and Clinics around the state and nationally. We are very pleased and proud to get our product endorsed by Dental Health Services Victoria and also get the product to where it is today.

Omega's team will continue to provide you with the same high level of excellent service and support an comitment as it has in the past 15 years, with our filtration systems as we will with our new venture in web hosting and domains. Omega's telephone, fax and e-mail services can be found on the Contact Us page.

Rating for omegawebsolutions.com Rating for zynski.com.au

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